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Oct 22, 2020

That Time I Handlettered a T-Shirt...

if you follow me on instagram, you can probably guess that i'm a little obsessed with hand lettering.  i have quotes and lyrics all over my room and office that i've hand lettered or that i've ordered from friends and artists that i adore.

here's proof of that:

ya know, just in case you needed it.

this summer, our church started working on our first ever worship cd.  not only do i work on the creative team at gt, but aj was asked to engineer and produce the entire record, so the project ended up being pretty near and dear to my heart.  aj rewrote the hymn holy, holy, holy for the album, and we decided that the title of the album should be our song will rise.

so, when we started talking about t-shirt designs for it, i loved the idea of a hand-lettered t-shirt and started creating mock-ups and concepts for the design.  eventually, i created something we could all (even the guys!) agree on.

and just to make it even more awesome, our printer did it in gold on a black tee...so basically, i'm in love.

i love this lyric.  if you're not familiar with the hymn, the lyrics go something like this:
holy, holy, holy
lord god almighty
early in the morning, our song will rise to thee!
holy, holy, holy
merciful and mighty
god in three persons, blessed trinity!

i recently did the she reads truth study on prayer in the bible, and one of the questions that stuck out to me the most was "do you  wake up praying?"  waking up praying, or praising, is something that can add so much perspective to your day, and get it started off on the right foot.  and the lyric "early in the morning, our song will rise to thee!" is just a reminder that we should start off each day with a song of praise!  and i love that it's also the lyric we put on the shirt, because even if you don't go to our church or know anything about the album, you could wear the shirt as a reminder that worship is important and powerful.

part of the our song will rise project is an outreach...because we really believe in the ability of music to transform lives, we really want to be able to put the album in the hands of everyone who walks through gt's doors for the first time.  and we're hoping to do that through kickstarter.

so, if you'd like your own our song will rise t-shirt, and to support a pretty cool outreach, i'd love to invite you to back our kickstarter!  you can get the t-shirt and a black and gold wristband for just $25...and i'll personally pack them up and ship them to you!

what are some of your favorite worship song lyrics?


  1. Wow, your hand lettering is so inspiring!! Hand lettering is something I've been wanting to try out this year. Hopefully I'll be able to soon! Also, the lyric is so beautiful! Thank you for adding some inspiration to my day :)

  2. This is so awesome! It's one of my goals to learning hand lettering! Yours is so lovely!

  3. You're super talented. Lettering was something i did in college that was soothing and destressing to me. I need to get back into. I love the idea behind this shirt and project.

  4. That is beautiful!! -- Where do you print your tees? I really enjoy lettering as well, but have been wondering what the best way to get designs onto tees is.

  5. One of my favorite hymns! I LOVE your hand lettering--it's always so inspiring and that shirt? Amazing!

  6. 1) I love handlettering (your's is inspiring) and I am just practicing my script with thicker down strokes.

    2) This line from Forever - Kari Jobe, "Now death where is your sting

    Our resurrected King has rendered you defeated.."

    Read more: Kari Jobe - Forever Lyrics | MetroLyrics

  7. Praying in the morning is so hard to remember! My husband and I are great at family and personal prayer in the evening, but not in the morning. Mormons only sing hymns during our Sunday services, but we have a lot of other church music/songs. But, I really like the positive-alternative radio station: Air1.

  8. Okay. First of all, I am IN LOVE with your hand lettering skills, and the gold on the black tee is so lovely. Second, I totally resonate with waking up praying. Talking to God first thing in the morning (even though I am so not a morning person) is something God has been teaching me lately. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I love this shirt! You are so talented. The hand lettering is beautiful, and I really like how the black and gold look together.

  10. Dude I love this shirt! You are amazing. Also, I had no idea this was for your church's worship CD! I want to listen or buy it! Will it be on iTunes? I've been on the hunt for more "church" written worship music ever since Hillsong has been under scrutiny.

  11. So creative! I love that hymn, particularly Ghost Ship's version of it.

  12. I LOVE hand lettering so much!! And the shirt turned out perfect!!! Love it! :)

  13. Betsy. you're so talented :) I love your hand-lettering!

  14. This is wonderful and you have lovely writing Betsy! Keep up the good work!! ��

  15. abby - little city adventuresOctober 25, 2020 at 3:20 PM

    It looks really fantastic! I really love how they printed it with the gold foil, just gorgeous!


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